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Our team is committed to our mission of providing timely and reliable environmental intelligence. Meet the people who help make it possible.

Stephen Volz

Stephen Volz, Ph.D.

Assistant Administrator, NESDIS
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Image of Captain Bridgeman

Todd Bridgeman, CAPT
Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator, NESDIS
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Image of Irene Parker

Irene Parker

Deputy Assistant Administrator Systems, NESDIS
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Pam Sullivan
System Program Director, GOES-R Series Program
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Kelly Turner
Chief of Staff, NESDIS
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Christian Rathke, CAPT
Director, Total Worker Health
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Kathryn Shontz
Acting Director, Office of Satellite Ground Services
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Derek Arndt
Director, National Center for Environmental Information
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Elsayed R. Talaat, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Projects, Planning, and Analysis
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Douglas A. Howard, Ph.D.
Director, STAR
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Mitch Goldberg, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, NESDIS
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Richard Delballo, Ph.D
Director, Office of Space Commerce
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Dan St. Jean
Acting Director, Office of Systems Architecture & Advanced Planning
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Timothy Walsh
Director, Joint Polar Satellite System
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Richard (Greg) Marlow
Director, Office of Satellite and Product Operations
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Charles Wooldridge
Director, International and Interagency Affairs Office
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James Donnellon
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, NESDIS
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Manan Dalal
Assistant Chief Information Officer, NESDIS
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