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Join us in November for the 2022 NOAA DataFest!

NOAA DataFest is a month-long celebration of NOAA's vast collection of environmental data, which is available and accessible to everyone for free! 

Held to inform and inspire the public and our colleagues at NOAA to learn more about the value, reliability, and accessibility of NOAA Data. These tools cover a robust collection of scientific earth and environmental observations that are available to the scientific community and the public.

Collage of naissance flooding, GOES-R Series satellite, the sun shining on a hot day and a coastline nearing a row of homes.



Do you have a question about satellite data or imagery? Spot an interesting cloud pattern or even a bolide? Ask @NOAASatellites on Twitter using the hashtag #AskNOAASatellites any time to learn more. 


Beginning in November 2022, and throughout 2023, you are invited to NOAA Environmental Data Talks (NEDTalks) to learn from various data experts, end-users, and data scientists about how they use data.


2022 Talks